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We offer marketing solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries to help you scale.

SMS Text Messaging

Send personalized text messages, appointment reminders, send coupons, create SMS contests, and setup voice & SMS autoresponders to drive leads to your opt-in list.

Fast & Reliable Voice Broadcasting

We make voice broadcasting easy. Just record a voice message, set your send day and time, and we'll deliver it to a few, a couple hundreds, or tens of thousands of contacts.

Voicemail Drops

Send thousands of messages straight to your clients voicemail. Create your ringless voicemail audio message, upload your contacts, and send it directly to your contacts voicemail without actually ringing their phone.

Voicemail Drops

With our built-in message portal you can reply to text right in the platform. Within minutes, you can build a campaign that includes personalized text and voice drops. 

Why Do People Choose SlingshotSMS?

Studies show text messages have a 99.8% open rate making text message marketing the highest ROI marketing channel for businesses across the county. With industry leading delivery rates Slingshot SMS makes sure you messages are delivered ensuring you drive impactful results for your business.

We love what we do, which shows because our customers rave about our marketing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SlingshotSMS different than other text message platforms? 
While other software platforms are focused on winning design awards SlingshotSMS is focused on driving results. We spend our time ensuring that your messages are delivered to your leads every single day without issues. We also have an open API so you can connect SlingshotSMS to your favorite CRM to build the ultimate all in one solution with platforms like Podio.
What happens if a lead tries to call back?
We allow you to forward inbound calls to any number you provide including IVR numbers to route your leads to the correct person.
Why do I need to request an account?
In order to ensure our platform continues to provide industry leading results we must reduce access to only clients who will utilize the platform correctly to protect our partnerships with phone carriers that allow us to maintain high delieverablity.
How does pricing work?
We don't have monthly reoccurring plans, it's simple, you upload funds to your account and you are charged per text, phone number, inbound call etc. from that funded amount. This helps you save cost ensuring 100% of your money goes toward your text message marketing campaigns.
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